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Alumni Networks and Communities

There are a number of ways Stanford Law School alumni can stay connected with their classmates online. From the SLS Alumni Groups and Discussion Community inside Stanford’s Alumni Directory to our exclusive SLS professional networking group on LinkedIn, as well as our SLS Alumni Twitter and Facebook pages.

We recognize that many of our alumni are active users on many of these sites and hope to make it easier for you to find us (and each other) online.

Learn what is available on each network:

SLS Alumni Directory & Community Network:

What is the SLS Groups and Discussions Community? 

  • There are more than 100+ official SLS class, chapter and diversity groups located in the Stanford Alumni Directory.  These groups were created to connect you with your classmates in a private and secure setting.

The SLS Groups and Discussion Community enables you to:

  • Share ideas, discuss hot topics, exchange documents and create events
  • Build groups and connect with people who share similar interests
  • Connect with fellow classmates in a network exclusive to the Stanford community

More on the SLS Groups and Discussion Community:

  • There are two types of groups for Alumni: Official and Alumni-Created Groups
  1. Official groups: These are groups co-managed by Stanford Law School staff and an assigned alumni based on class year and chapter affiliation. These groups can only be set up by a member of the SLS Alumni Relations staff and SLS has final approval on the content and programs presented in an official group. SLS alumni will automatically be placed in their specific class/chapter group by the Alumni Relations Department but can opt out if they choose.
  2. Alumni-Created groups: These are groups created by alumni, with no pre-approval needed from SLS before they are created. These are quick and easy to set up, but remember to “Search Groups” beforehand to make sure a similar group doesn’t already exist.

How do I join the SLS Groups and Discussion Community?

  • Register for Access: An alumni username and password is required to access the SLS and University Alumni Network including the Alumni Directories, Groups, and Discussion Boards.
    *If you haven’t registered yet, register now.
  • Already Registered? Connect to alumni. Remember that unlike Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all alumni are listed in the alumni directory, and you do not have to make a friend connection before you contact anyone listed in the directory.
  • For questions on these groups, you can contact

SLS on LinkedIn:

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is an online network used for professional networking, connecting and job searching.

LinkedIn enables you to:

  • Create a business profile and professional summary
  • Find and be found by colleagues, clients and classmates
  • Leverage tools to find and reach the people you need
  • Build a powerful network of trusted professionals
  • Discover professional connections and business opportunities
  • Serve as a resource for current SLS students for career networking and advice

 About our SLS LinkedIn Group:

This group is only open to SLS alumni, faculty, staff and students. This is a place where our community can share articles of interest, have professional discussions, network with each other, and foster career advising between students and alumni. 

How do I join the group?

You can request to join this group by going to this page and clicking on the yellow button that says “Join Group.” An administrator of the group will need to confirm your request. Please allow-2-4 business days for this process.

Stanford Law School on LinkedIn

SLS Alumni on Twitter:

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social networking service and microblogging service that allows users to send and receive text-based messages of up to 140 characters, known as "tweets".

Twitter enables you to:

  • Connect and engage with people, brands and topics that are important to you in real-time.

 About our SLS Alumni Twitter Account:

  • This account was created to connect alumni to Stanford Law School through events, reunions, volunteer activities and news, fostering a sense of community beyond Stanford.
  • This page is managed by the Stanford Law School Alumni Relations Department and is accessible by all.

 How do I follow SLS Alumni on Twitter?

You can follow @SLSAlumni on Twitter by going to our page and clicking on the “Follow” icon on the mid right-hand side of the page.

Stanford Law School on Twitter

SLS Alumni on Facebook:

What is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking site intended to connect friends, family and colleagues.

Facebook enables you to:

  • Find and communicate with friends, family and businesses
  • Share photos, videos and information (via posts & links)
  • Create groups  (both public and private)
  • IM and video chat with your Facebook network

About our SLS Alumni Facebook Page:

  • This page was created to give SLS alumni a place on Facebook where they can find alumni events, news, photos and videos as well as a space where they can engage and interact with the entire SLS Alumni community via the SLS Alumni Facebook wall.
  • This page is managed by the Stanford Law School Alumni Relations Department and is accessible by all.

 How do I “Like” this page on Facebook?

To add the SLS Alumni page to your “Likes” on Facebook just click on the “Like” button on the mid right-hand side of the page.

Stanford Law School on Facebook

For questions about the SLS LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages you can contact the SLS Communications Department at