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2011 Reunion Class of 1996

15-Year Reunion

It's your reunion!

Reconnecting with your classmate and participating in the Alumni Weekend 2011 programs will make your return to Stanford Law School unforgettable. Learn from Stanford faculty on a variety of topics by attending Classes Without Quizzes, explore today's campus with tours, or reunite with classmates during the all school picnic and your class dinner.

Special gatherings for your class are listed below and visit the Schedule at a Glance for a preview of all the Alumni Weekend events.

15th Reunion Highlights

(See the Schedule at a Glance for full event details)
Family Party at the Palo Alto JCC - Friday, October 21 at 4:00 to 6:00 pm
Class Gathering - Friday, October 21 at 7:00 pm 
Class Picture at SLS Alumni Picnic - Saturday, October 22 at 2:00 pm
SLS Hosted Class dinner* - Saturday, October 22 at 7:00 pm

*Your SLS-Hosted Class Dinner is included with either the Full Weekend Package, the Saturday Only Package or can be purchased a la carte. Please note: the dinner is off campus in downtown Palo Alto. You can "check in" and pick up registration materials at the dinner location.

Show your Support on Facebook!

Stanford Law Reunions now has its own Facebook page.

Class Gift: Donors to Date

The Class of 1996 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goals, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Class Dollar Goal: $600,000 Participation Goal: 50%
Dollars to Date: $547,635 Participation to Date: 30%

As of November 30, 2011, the following classmates have given to their 15th reunion campaign:

  • Anonymous
  • Michael D. Adams
  • Roman A. Bejger
  • Allison H. Binder
  • Sarah M. Biran
  • Meredith E. Cabe
  • Amanda B. Chang
  • Madeline S. Cohen
  • Christopher R. Davies
  • Tom Dennedy
  • Mark H. Domel
  • Lisa R. Eskow
  • Omar C. Figueroa
  • Kristen D. Finney Hocking
  • Vali Frank
  • Kim H. Gilmer
  • Maria Ginzburg
  • S. David Goldenberg
  • Lisa K. Griffin
  • Rodrigo M. Guidero
  • Douglas H. Haeuber
  • Bram C. Hall
  • Sarah K. Hilty
  • Paul D. Huie
  • Peter M. Huie
  • Drew A. Katz
  • Diane Kelleher
  • Curtis A. Kin
  • Gina P. Kwan
  • Andrew Y. Luh
  • Gregory N. Mandel
  • Darrel C. Menthe
  • James K. Okamoto
  • John B. Owens
  • Rebecca L. Pennell
  • Rachel E. Ratliff
  • John P. Reichmuth
  • Julia Reigel
  • Henry S. Robles
  • Eric Sanford
  • Joseph W. Secondine
  • Marc A. Sgaraglino
  • Brett L. Shelton
  • James D. Small III
  • Alan C. Smith
  • Amy Spence Smolen
  • David M. Sohn
  • Carl L. Spataro, Jr.
  • Deborah A. Spitz
  • Lilliemae I. Stephens
  • Thaddeus G. Stephens
  • Lauren A. Teigland-Hunt
  • Karen E. Walter
  • Sindy J. Warren
  • Daniel G. Weiss
  • Dalila Argaez Wendlandt
  • David West
  • Andrea J. Worden
  • Kial S. Young

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