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2012 Reunion Class of 1992

20-Year Reunion

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Alumni Weekend 2012!

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Class Gift: Donors to Date

The Class of 1992 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goals, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Class Dollar Goal: $1,100,000 Participation Goal: 70%
Dollars to Date: $662,293 Participation to Date: 44%

As of December 31, 2012 the following classmates have given to their 20th reunion campaign:

E. Kwaku Andoh
Garrett G. Beeson
Sheryl L. Bollinger
Susan S. Bowyer
Christopher F. Boyd
Jerome D. Blake
Susan D. Brienza
Daniel R. Brown
Ann K. Calfas
Armando Castro, Jr.
Pamela Charles Brown
Dawn M. Chirwa
Nicole E. Cook
Sarah E. Cooper
Bart R. Decrem
Laura A. Donald
Patricia M. Downey
Richard W. Downing
Elena J. Duarte
Christopher J. Enge
Laurel H. Finch
Craig M. Garner
Tracey E. George
Thomas N. Glushko
Jon C. Gonzales
Michael S. Greenfield
Alison M. Gregory
Seena Gressin
Leslie C. Griffin
Frederick F. Hadidi
Christy A. Haubegger
Dennis J. Herman
Francette H. Huynh
Gregory D. Kennedy
Kelly M. Klaus
Laszlo I. Kopits
Joan H. Krause
John M. Kuriyama
Marthe LaRosiliere
Michelle K. Lee
Stephanie S. Lamarre
Thomas J. Lorr
Joanna Lowry
M. Mashenka Lundberg
Robert Madsen
Monica C. McCarty
Anne P. Mitchell
Theresa Guy Moran
Neil M. Nathanson
Michael A. Occhiolini
Carrie K. S. Okinaga
Ronald E. Phillips
Mark L. Reinstra
Susan Pasquinelli Reinstra
Cary S. Robnett
Michael S. Rossotto
Alan H. Roth
Mark R. Salamon
Richard S. Saver
Frank Scioscia
Maury D. Shenk
David M. Siegal
Elizabeth Brand Six
Max Stier
Peter A. Thiel
Alison M. Tucher
Steven C. Weaver
Katharine Weymouth
Anna E. White
Daniel C. Winston
Amy J. Wolosoff