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2012 Reunion Class of 1997

15-Year Reunion

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend Alumni Weekend 2012!

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Class Gift: Donors to Date

The Class of 1997 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goals, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Class Dollar Goal: $1,200,000 Participation Goal: 58%
Dollars to Date: $1,084,052 Participation to Date: 28%

As of December 31, 2012 the following classmates have given to their 15th reunion campaign:

Anonymous (2)
Karen P. Anderson
Alison M. Aubrejuan
Peter B. Axelrod
Daniel P. Blank
Jonathan M. Blazer
Orlando Bravo
Yanping Cao
Stephen O. Carlson
Brian K. Chen
Susan S. Cleveland-Knowles
Michael E. Coke
Jill Fairbrother
Jose A. Fernandez
Raj N. Gangadean
Barton W. Giddings
Patricia Guerrero
Leslie T. Hatamiya
Sean Hecker
Malcolm A. Heinicke
Lan T. Hoang
Diane C. Hutnyan
Robert N. Klieger
Lindsey C. Kozberg
Marc A. Leibowitz
John F. Lynch
Allison A. Marston Danner
Stephanie A. Martz
Kristan S. Mayer
Daniel G. McBride
Laura A. Menninger
Jennifer B. Miller
Mary R. Minow
Robert L. Monkmeyer
Gail Mackauf Mosse
Nader A. Mousavi
Chad O'Neal Muilenburg
Erin O'Neal Muilenburg
Deborah J. Muns-Park
Margaret L. Oliver
Andrew J. Peck
Betsy F. Rauch
Cara W. Robertson
John A. Russ IV
Derek C. Schrier
Raymond H. Sheen
Ron D. Silverton
Madhavi Sunder
Joseph R. Swimmer
Kathryn A. Walker
Melissa A. Weiland
Jay D. Wexler
Sherri Wolson
Leslie S. Yang