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Class of 2009

5-Year Reunion

Thank you to everyone for celebrating Alumni Weekend 2014. Stay involved and learn about more opportunities to get involved with the law school beyond your reunion. 

View your 5th Reunion Classbook:

Please email for the password.

Class Gift: Donors to Date

The Class of 2009 reunion volunteers have been driving the campaign by setting the following goals, and encouraging their classmates to support SLS:

Class Dollar Goal: $140,000

Participation Goal: 60%

Dollars to Date: $57,584 Participation to Date: 30%

The list below includes the names of classmates who have made a gift or pledge in honor of their 5th reunion in time for Alumni Weekend. Visit to add your name.

Benjamin O. Aigboboh
Daniel J. Aleshire
Andrew R. Ardinger
Whitney S. Bakke
Ouou Bao
Daniel R. Bernstein
Carolyn D. Bills
Micah G. Block
Andrew R. Blotky
Ross D. Chanin
Christopher S. Condlin
Michael A. Correll
Katie M. Eichner
Russell W. Fusco
Maria Gomez Rodriguez
Robert Gonzalez
Edmund J. Gorman, Jr.
Andrew T. Hall
Brad Hansen
Robert P. Harrington
Brent C. Harris
Matthew J. Hendrix
Jaime M. Huling Delaye
Matthew A. Jackson
Mohith R. Julapalli
Jennifer E. Knutsson
Joshua A. Kretman
Julia D. Kripke
Leslie Y. Liang
Alice A. Lloyd
Stuart Loh
Molly D. Loughney
David D. Lydon
Jose Mauro D. Machado
Casey J. McCracken
Beverly C. Moore
Daniel F. Muto
Rachel V. Nass
Patrick G. Nemeroff
Jessica E. Oats
Bolanle O. Olupona
Tyler Pender
Andrew D. Ralph
Jessie K. Redden
Marcus E. Reeslund
Clare A. Reilly
Esteban Rodriguez
Kevin J. Rooney
Marcos Rosales
Tracy D. Rubin
Natalie D. Saba
Jani J. Salovaara
Mike Scanlon
Adam M. Shapiro
Julia H. Sibley
David A. Simpson
Michael H. Smith
Gregory Sobolski
Michael G. Stahl
Matthew M. Steinberg
Alison S. Ardinger
Ramon Villalpando
Brandon S. Vongsawad
Rui Wang
Shawna-Gay M. White
Marc A. Williams
Kent T. Young
Patricia J. Zettler