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Build Your CV


We strongly encourage you to seek out opportunities to give academic presentations of a work-in-progress while you are in law school or after. Keep your ears open for conferences (e.g., Law and Society) that welcome student or practitioner presentations. Also look for opportunities to give presentations in law school classes, whether as part of a seminar in which you are enrolled or a guest speaker in seminars or classes on a topic in which you have developed some expertise. You can also present your work in an informal context, to fellow students and/or faculty. (The Legal Studies Workshop is designed for this purpose;  a number of other seminars or informal student/faculty gatherings provide opportunities to do so as well.)   Presenting your ideas in all of these settings will give you valuable experience before you go on the job market. In addition, doing presentations at academic conferences will get your name circulated among other academics before you go on the job market, and give you the opportunity to meet other academics. Giving presentations in your law school classes will give your professors an opportunity to vouch for your teaching skills first-hand. (Our being able to tell a hiring committee, for example, that a student gave one of the best student presentations we have ever seen will count for a lot.)  Finally, presenting your work to others is an important part of an academic’s life, and being able to list such presentations on your CV signals to committees that you understand this, and are eager to participate in that part of the job.