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Steps to Take


If a law school is interested in you, it will invite you to do a preliminary screening interview in the fall. Typically these interviews will be held at the AALS-sponsored Faculty Recruitment Conference (often referred to as the “meat market”), usually held in mid-October in Washington, D.C. As noted below, occasionally schools will hold screening interviews before the AALS conference, either on campus or by teleconference, possibly in an attempt to get a jump on their competition. (The fact that at least some schools schedule their screening interviews early is one reason why we strongly recommend that you get your resume to the AALS in time for the first distribution in August and your direction mailings out by mid-August at the latest.)

The majority of screening interviews, however, are done at the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference. Law schools send members of their faculty appointments committees to interview candidates in 30-minute, back-to-back sessions for the two days. Being willing to attend the conference enhances your chances of getting your foot in the door, and ultimately getting a job, with a school.  

  • You must pay your own way to the conference, as well as a substantial fee to the AALS. In cases of severe financial hardship, our committee may be able to help.
  • Usually you will be interviewed by two to four faculty members.

If you want, we can help you prepare for these interviews, including doing “mock” interviews with you ahead of time, either in person if you are in the Bay Area or by video hookup. Read about full-dress interviews here.