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Advantages of Location

Stanford Law’s relationship with Silicon Valley provides a portal to knowledge and experience for students interested in how law, economics, and business come together. Add access to the intellectual resources of Stanford University, a position on the Pacific Rim, and proximity to Latin America—two of the world’s most important markets—and you’ll understand why Stanford is the ideal campus for exploring the intersection of law, economics, and business.

Geography may not be destiny, but if you are interested in law and business or economics, it helps to be in the heart of Silicon Valley and part of a global network of scholars—the ideal environment for learning about the latest developments in law and business. Whether it’s discovering inside perspectives from corporate counsel, understanding the intricacies of a venture capital funding pitch, or deconstructing what it takes to privatize state-run industries in developing countries, Stanford is uniquely positioned to provide students with access to advances in the field.

Silicon Valley is synonymous with innovation, entrepreneurship, and imagination, and it all started near Stanford, fueled by alumni, faculty, and students. Today every big name in the Valley has important Stanford connections, with men and women who maintain their ties and count access to our intellectual community as an asset. Students can learn from and work with leading entrepreneurs, executives, and lawyers in special classes, conferences, internships, and externships.

Meanwhile, the next big names are incubating right here at the research university that pioneered interdisciplinary education. You’ll find them in courses team-taught with leading faculty from Stanford Law and the Stanford School of Engineering or Graduate School of Business, and in a wide range of classes that explore the boundaries between law, economics, and business.

Because business and entrepreneurship know no borders, the law, economics, and business programs encompass the international dealmaking and litigation now common to business and legal practice. Whether the issue is structuring an investment in China, funding a start-up in Israel, navigating antitrust issues in the European Union, expanding into India, or manufacturing in Mexico, these programs teach students to function in the rapidly changing international business environment. Stanford’s strengths in the global arena— including a position on the Pacific Rim and proximity to Latin America as well as connections to Europe— create synergies and opportunities around the world. For students, this means the chance to interact with leaders of international companies, global markets, and cross-border regulatory groups; summer assignments and externships anywhere in the world; and classes with lawyers and fellow students from Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Widely regarded as one of the world’s premier business schools—emphasizing leadership, entrepreneurship, global awareness, and social innovation—the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) is a key law, economics, and business partner. GSB professors including Dan Kessler ’93, Dave Larcker, Maureen McNichols, and Paul Pfleiderer—top scholars in their fields—team-teach courses with Stanford Law faculty, giving students unique insight into the intersection of law, economics, and business. Law students may also pursue a joint JD/MBA.