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Programs with Breadth and Depth

Programs in law, economics and business at Stanford Law School transcend the teaching of specific skills and a defined body of knowledge. Our goal is to inspire students who will go on to shape how law is practiced and how it adds value in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

At Stanford Law, small, highly specialized courses provide students with access to leading faculty and the chance to work in multidisciplinary, problem-solving teams—just as they will in the workplace. Many classes are taught by experts in fields related to law, economics, and business from outside the law school, including the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In addition to pursuing challenging courses, students can venture beyond the traditional boundaries of legal education through the John M. Olin Program in Law and Economics, directed by A. Mitchell Polinsky, an economist who is one of the nation’s leading scholars in law and economics. The program’s Law and Economics Seminar is a focal point for research on the economic analysis of law, drawing distinguished scholars from around the world who share their perspectives with faculty and students from Stanford Law, the Stanford Economics Department, the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the Hoover Institution.

Outstanding students may apply to the Olin Program for grants and fellowships to support research or the pursuit of a joint degree in law and economics. Students have used their Olin grants to underwrite independent projects on everything from regulatory issues on the Internet to voting coalitions in publicly held corporations. Olin fellowships provide both compensation and travel expenses to underwrite student work.