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A Field That Shapes The Future

Civil liberties on the Net. Stem cell research. Personal genomics. Digital archives. Music file sharing. Trade secrets. International movie piracy. Clean technology. There’s a new issue every day at the intersection of law, science and technology. At Stanford Law, students can explore this amazing frontier—and shape the future.

The intersection of law, science, and technology is one of the most highly charged fields of study in law today. On this new and evolving frontier, lawyers face highly complex, inherently global issues, from the treatment of genetically modified organisms to the impact of intellectual property approaches on developing nations to copyright protection on the Internet. These are the issues that increasingly shape our lives—and those who master them will shape the future.

For anyone interested in exploring issues at the intersection of law, science, and technology, there’s no better place to be than Stanford, with its top-rated strengths in intellectual property and other tech-related issues. Located in Silicon Valley, the epicenter of the information and technology revolutions, the Stanford Program in Law, Science & Technology (LST) unites cutting-edge scholarship, empirical research, litigation, and policymaking to provide comprehensive exposure to this exciting legal frontier. Stanford faculty and alumni are at the center of countless emerging legal controversies in areas as varied as patent law, electronic commerce, copyright, free speech, and bioethics—and through LST, Stanford Law students are right there with them.