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An Incubator for Innovation

Being on the Stanford campus and in Silicon Valley provides access to the real movers and shakers in science and technology: established high-tech leaders and entrepreneurs; groundbreaking biotech companies; the venture capital firms fueling innovation; top schools of engineering, medicine, business, and myriad sciences. These partners and neighbors enrich the law, science, and technology experience at Stanford.

Like so many other institutions that have made Silicon Valley a legendary incubator of innovation and the place that takes its name from technology, Stanford Law is focused on the future. Our neighbors include most of the world’s leading high-tech, biotech, and venture capital firms. For LST students, this location brings regular opportunities to talk to and engage with guest speakers who also happen to be industry leaders, do research on cutting-edge technology issues, and work on the cyberlaw cases that make headlines and shape policy.

Stanford University provides formidable resources for learning and collaboration across the disciplines that influence law, science, and technology. LST students benefit from proximity to Stanford’s leading schools and departments in bioengineering, biology, computer science, engineering, genetics, medicine, and countless other fields. A wide and growing range of joint degree opportunities—combining law with bioengineering, computer science, electrical engineering, health research and policy, or management science and engineering—take advantage of Stanford’s broad excellence and prepare LST students to practice law that touches on many aspects of technology and innovation.

LST Affiliates Program

In addition to integrating cutting-edge scholarship, empirical research, litigation, and policymaking, LST aims to raise professional and public awareness and promote informed public policy at the intersection of law, science, and technology. Each year, law firms and corporations provide critical support for research, teaching, and program development through the LST Affiliates Program. Affiliates and their clients have access to the law school’s high-value executive education programs—including the Advanced Patent Law Institute, the annual E-Commerce Best Practices Conference, and the annual Law and Biosciences conference—and participate as strategic partners in policy and research projects, such as the Stanford IP Litigation Clearinghouse and the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum. Get more information and view our list of current affiliates.