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Conference Close-Ups

Legal Challenges in an Age of Robotics

Once relegated to factories and fiction, robots are rapidly entering the mainstream. Advances in artificial intelligence translate into ever-broadening functionality and autonomy. Recent years have seen an explosion in the use of robotics in warfare, medicine, and exploration. Industry analysts and UN statistics predict equally significant growth in the market for personal or service robotics over the next few years. What unique legal challenges will the widespread availability of sophisticated robots pose? Three panelists with deep and varied expertise shared their views of the present, near future, and far future of robotics and the law.

Annual E-Commerce Best Practices Conference

As more and more businesses rely on the Internet for commerce, rules become more complex and risks increase. In its seventh year in 2010, this conference open to the public and sponsored by the Stanford Center for E-Commerce, brings together legal experts, industry insiders and other technology leaders to discuss hot topics in e-commerce, from content syndication and copyright liability to data privacy and security. Participants explored emerging legal doctrine and best practices to help companies navigate the “gray areas” in online commerce.