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Intellectual Preparation and Support

Smaller and more intimate than many other law schools, Stanford Law offers students interested in public interest the opportunity for in-depth academic training in a uniquely supportive environment. The John and Terry Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law augments intensive intellectual preparation and hands-on learning opportunities with dedicated counseling and support.

With a comprehensive curriculum and student/faculty ratio of 8.6 to 1, it’s easy to pursue public service interests in depth at Stanford Law. Easily accessible faculty mentors help students customize their curriculum and select hands-on practice opportunities that support their public service goals, whether these entail working in international human rights, on the emerging technology law frontier, or on other cutting-edge issues.

Public interest law students also benefit from the partnerships Stanford Law maintains with Stanford’s other excellent academic departments and professional schools. Stanford Law makes it easy to take classes outside the law school, sponsors team-taught classes that cross disciplines, and offers a growing array of joint degrees that enable students to expand their perspectives and their horizons.

Because academic training is just part of the foundation for public service law, Stanford offers dedicated resources for students seeking public service experience and careers. The John and Terry Levin Center for Public Service and Public Interest Law provides something for every law student—those dedicated to full-time public interest work and those who plan to make such work a part of their careers. The center’s experienced and skilled staff offer advice, lead workshops, teach, and design diverse opportunities to explore the breadth of public service career options.