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Facilities Roles

The Office of Facilities and Operations is in charge of approving any calendar events with a room reservation. As staff members, they should also be allowed to post their own events if needed.

Here's how to assign roles for SLS Facilities:

  1. Go to User Management then Users then List and search for their SUNet.
  2. If their name doesn't appear, then ask them to go to and try to log in. This will capture their SUNet ID. Don't continue until they've completed this step. 
  3. Once their name does appear when searched, click their Edit link. 
  4. Go to the Roles selection and select Calendar: Facilities (So that they can approve and process events.) and Calendar: Faculty/Staff (So, if needed, they can post events like a normal staff member.)
  5. Click Save.

*If you cannot see these menus, send an email to ask that they grant you "access to assign user roles".