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Student SUNet ID

Student Organization officers can sign up for Drupal accounts here. The info from these forms is sent to

Each student organization can have:

  • One Content Manager: To maintain their organization's webpage(s) on the SLS website. This content manager must be the author of that page and must attend a brief 20 minute training with the Web Team before receiving permissions.
  • Multiple Event Managers: To post events to the SLS Event Calendar System.
  • These Drupal accounts must be attached to their SUNet ID. 

1. Verify the student should have the role they request:

  1. First check the document called "Student Leaders" that should be saved on your PC desktop. You should search the student's name in this document. If you find them under the organization on their drupal form and they have a leadership position you can proceed to giving them permissions
  2. If the student is not in the spreadsheet or doesn't seem to be in the right organization, forward the email to Chidel Onuegbu ( in SLS Student Affairs to confirm if this student is authorized for an account. Add the student's name and student org to the Email Subject to help better organize each account request.
  3. Chidel with either approve or deny the request.

2. If Chidel doesn't approve the request:

If Chidel denies the request then find the student's original drupal request and click reply. Add the student's email to the "To:" field and email the student this response:

Re: Stanford Law School Website: Drupal Account Request

We've checked in with SLS Student Affairs and unfortunately, you are not authorized to have a <select one or both: Event Manager/Content Manager> account because <insert Chidel's reason here>. If you have any questions, please contact their offices at

SLS Webteam

After you've sent this email, no further action is required. 

If Chidel approves the request:

  1. Check if the student is in our system: go to User Management then Manage Users and search for their email/SUNet ID. 
  2. If the student's name doesn't come up email the following: 

    Re: Stanford Law School Website: Drupal Account Request

    We've checked in with SLS Student Affairs and they've confirmed that you should have access. There's just a few more steps you need to follow before we give you access.

    1. Click this link: and try to login with your SUNet ID. This will enable our website to captured your SUNet ID.
    2. Once you've tried to login, email and let us know. We will then grant your SUNet ID the access you requested and email you once your account has been activated.

    SLS Webteam

  3. If the student is in our system and their name does come up or once they've replied to you saying they've tried to login :

    • Login to the Dashboard, then go User Management then Manage Users and search the student's SUNet
    • Click edit by their name
    • Give them the appropriate roles: Calendar:Student (Event Manager), Content Manager:Student (Content Manager) or both 
    • Select Save
  4. If they have a Content Manager account: make them Page Author of their student org pages only after they have attended training. If they need to attend training send them an email with the open office hours and let them know that before they receive access they need to stop by. Once the Content Manager receives training: copy the entire username (even the part), you'll need to paste this somewhere very soon.

    • Go to the list of student organizations.

    • Find and click on their student organization.

    • Click its Edit tab.

    • Click the Page author tab and paste their username in the field "Page Author".

    • Click Save

    • Reply to the student's "Hey, I logged in!" email with the appropriate confirmation message based on the permissions you've granted.