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Best Practices for Implementing a Transatlantic Renewable Energy Policy

Best Practices for Implementing a Transatlantic Renewable Energy Policy
Research Project

Richard Weiner

Biodiesel, ethanol and other so-called "second generation" renewable fuels can be a viable alternative to fossil fuels, thus reducing or altogether eliminating dependence on them. Accordingly, on both sides of the Atlantic, substantial time and resources have been invested in the creation and implementation of programs that encourage the research and development of renewable fuels.

The EU and the U.S. are now establishing policies to protect these new and emerging technologies and to promote, but at the same time, regulate the production, sale and use of renewable fuels.  Governments in the EU and the U.S. have taken decidedly different measures and directions to establish and implement these policies, even though their goal of reducing or eliminating their dependence on fossil fuels is virtually the same. While these policies aim to achieve the same socially desirable goal, these disparate measures actually create inefficiencies in achieving that goal.

This research project seeks to eliminate these inefficiencies.  As such, it will culminate in a working paper that will propose a set of best practices for the establishment and implementation of policies that shall guide policy makers on both sides of the Atlantic to achieving full-scale renewable fuel production in our lifetime.

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