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Case of Ulises S.*

When Ulises S.* came to YELP, he was facing expulsion just weeks away from finishing his senior year of high school.  Ulises was on track to graduate in May 2015, was a talented student athlete, and had plans to attend community college in the fall.

Although it initially appeared that Ulises might win his expulsion hearing because he was innocent, Grady Jung ('16) and Nicole Roberts ('16) did an extensive factual investigation and uncovered substantial evidence that the school district would try to use against Ulises if the case went to hearing.  Given the admissibility of hearsay at expulsion hearings, things looked grim.  Ulises - a fairly large student - was accused of intimidating another student and it would be hard to definitively prove what, if anything, had actually happened between the two.

Recognizing that it was in no one's interests to expel a high school senior weeks before graduation, Grady and Nicole were able to negotiate a deal with opposing counsel whereby Ulises would agree to complete his senior year through independent study and would then be allowed to earn his diploma and graduate with his friends at his long-awaited graduation ceremony.  Ulises was even allowed to return to participate in senior sports night to receive recognition for his achievements over the years.

Ulises will be a first-generation high school graduate in his family, so this will be a momentous occasion. 

*Names have been changed to protect client confidentiality.