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Changing the Date, Time, or Room of a Student Event

Use following tutorial if:

  • You are logged in with the "Calendar: Admin" role and not the "Calendar: Factuly/Staff" or "Calendar: Student" role.
  • The student event is in the state "Approved and Published".
  • The student event is onsite.

Otherwise, unexpected results may occur.

Sometimes, Facilities might accidentally approve an event with an incorrect room number, date, or time. As a Calendar Admin, you have the power to make the correction by changing the event's date, time, or room number. Here's how:

  1. Login to the dashboard and find the event.
  2. Click the event's "edit" button to open it for edits.
  3. Go to the tab named "Event Date and Room Reservation". Update the date, time, or room as needed.
  4. Click the "Save" button to finish.
  5. A few automated emails will be sent. Because the date/time/room has been changed, the event's state will move from "Approved and Published" to "Ready for Facilties Approval". Emails from case 10-B will be triggered. Immediately following that, the emails from Case 9-A will be triggered which move the event from "Ready to Facilities Approval" to "Approved and Published".