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Classmates Guide

Classmates is a slideshow that uses content from publications. 

  1. Sign into Galeri
    1. In the main menu of a Mac, click Go then select Connect to Server 

      Go then Connect to Server
    2. Select Connect (server address is smb://

    3. Enter your username and password (you may need to talk to the team about getting permissions setup the first time you need to access Galeri). Then press Connect.

    4. Select Galeri and click Okay

  2. Find the folder in Galeri
    1. Go to Stanford Lawyer then click Lawyer # (ex: Lawyer 89) then Classmates Photos # (ex: Classmates Photos #89)

    2. Highlight the folder name in Galeri then right click on the folder name and copy and paste it to your Desktop. (Command C to copy then Command V to paste). A folder will appear on your desktop ith the name Classmates Photos #.

  3. Open the Captions sheet (this will usually be emailed from publications) and remove any photos from the folder that aren't listed in the captions sheet or have no caption
  4. Get the files from the previous issue.
    1. Go to Dreamweaver then go to Window then Files

      Files Dreamweaver
    2. Select the Media Server then click Connect.

      Media Connect
    3. Click Expand to remote and local if it's not already selected. Everything you see on the left is accessible to anyone. The right files are currently on your computer and you can edit them without people seeing changes

      Expand View
    4. On the remote (left) side, go to Slideshow
    5. Highlight the previous issue #1 and click the Get files button (the down arrow) to make this folder appear on the local view.
    6. In the local view, right click on the slideshow folder and select "Add folder" 
    7. Copy and paste (highlight, command C then command V) the xml, html, and swf from the previous issue into the newest lawyer # folder
  5. Open the newest images.xml and find all the previous issue numbers (apple + f) and replace them all with the current issue numbers.