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Career Possibilities


Self-assessment isn't essential to a job search. If your goal is to find a law job, any law job, you can do that without much self-reflection. However, if you want to find your passion, a life-long career that keeps you engaged and interested, knowing who you are is key.

To get started, complete some of the exercises listed below, then, come talk to an OCS counselor. We can help you identify career options based on your interests, values, and personality, and develop a strategy to get you from here to there.

Self Assessment Tools

Personality Type




  • Skills Identifier
    Geared towards college grads, but good for creating a basic skills list.
  • Transferable Skills List
    List of the most common skills developed in law school and legal practice.
  • Skill Skan
    Advanced Pack: A skills assessment tool designed for college and graduate school graduates. Contact OCS to schedule this assessment.

Practice Areas

Once you have a sense of who you are, these resources can help you identify the best practice areas for you.