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Winter Quarter 1L Electives

Elective courses are limited to those within the Law School that have been designated as open to first-year J.D. students. See SLS Student Handbook for detailed information on 1L elective courses and unit limitations.

2014-2015 WINTER

   Communications Law: Internet and Telephony 481-1
   Comparative Civil Rights 562-1
   Comparative Civil Rights 562-2
   Comparative Law 311-1
   Corporations 242-1
   Critical Race Theory 784-1
   Democracy and the Constitution 268-1
   Energy Law 455-1
   European Legal History 441-1
   European Union Law 451-1
   European Union Law 451-2
   Evidence 290-1
   Evidence 290-2
   Foreign and International Legal Research 461-1
   Health Law: Finance and Insurance 348-1
   History of American Law 318-1
   History of American Law 318-2
   Immigration Law and the Constitutional Rights of Non-Citizens 565-1
   Introduction to Law and Economics 741-1
   Just and Unjust Wars 751-1
   Law and Biosciences Workshop 654-1
   Law and Economics Seminar II 344-1
   Law and Economics Seminar II 344-2
   Law and Psychology 534-1
   Law and Psychology 534-2
   Law and the Rhetorical Tradition 304-1
   Law and the Rhetorical Tradition 304-2
   Law and Visual Culture 760-1
   Law, Slavery and Race 747-1
   Law, Slavery and Race 747-2
   Legal Ethics 335-1
   Legal Ethics 335-2
   Legal History Workshop 372-1
   Legal History Workshop 372-2
   Modern American Legal Thought 500-1
   Modern Fossil Fuel Extraction 432-1
   Modern Fossil Fuel Extraction 432-2
   Modern Fossil Fuel Extraction 432-3
   Moral Minds 744-1
   Myth, Law, and Practice 491-1
   Negotiation 615-1
   Negotiation 615-2
   Protection of Personality 373-1
   Quantitative Methods: Finance 467-1
   Regulation of the Political Process 577-1
   The Welfare State 765-1
   The Welfare State 765-2
   Toxic Harms 280-1
   Toxic Harms 280-2