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Access to Justice Seminar

Not Offered this year 2015-2016
Last offered in 2010-2011

(Same as SOC 234/334). This seminar explores contemporary issues related to the ability of the public to access legal services, representation or "justice" within the civil legal system. These issues include: the legal framework and arguments for and against an entitlement to counsel in civil cases; current obstacles to obtaining legal representation faced by different groups defined by factors such as income and geography; an analysis of different models of service delivery (domestic and international); the benefits and costs of an entitlement to counsel in different legal contexts and cases; exploration of legal and ethical frameworks related to restorative justice, "unlicensed practice," and conflicts of interest; rights consciousness and access to justice. A key focus of the course is analyzing the implementation of the Sargent Shriver Civil Counsel Act (AB 590), a new California law that will begin operation in 2011 that requires appointment of counsel to represent low-income parties in certain civil matters.