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Directed Research

Directed Research is an extraordinary opportunity for students beyond the first-year to research problems in any field of law. The final product must be embodied in a paper or other form of written work involving a substantial independent effort on the part of the student. A student must submit a detailed petition of at least 250 words, approved by the sponsoring faculty member, outlining his or her proposed project and demonstrating that the research is likely to result in a significant scholarly contribution. A petition will not be approved for work assigned or performed in a course, clinic, or externship for which the student has or will receive credit. A petition must indicate whether the product is intended for publication in a law review or elsewhere. A student may petition for "Directed Research: Curricular Development" when the work involves assisting a Law School faculty member in developing concepts or materials for new and innovative law school courses. Both the supervising faculty member and the Associate Dean for Curriculum must approve petition for "Directed Research: Curricular Development." Students must meet with the instructor frequently for the purposes of report and guidance. Unit credit is by arrangement. Students whose projects warrant more than four units should consider a Senior Thesis or the Research Track. See SLS Student Handbook for requirements and limitations. With the approval of the instructor, a directed research project of two-units or more may satisfy one research writing course (R course). Elements used in grading: As agreed to by instructor. Directed Research petitions are available on the Law School Registrar's Office website (see Petition Process and Forms).

2015-2016 Autumn
09/21/2015 - 11/20/2015
Instructors: staff
Notes: Law Unit Limitation.
2015-2016 Winter
01/04/2016 - 03/07/2016
Instructors: staff
Notes: Law Unit Limitation.
2015-2016 Spring
03/28/2016 - 05/27/2016
Instructors: staff
Notes: Law Unit Limitation.

Instructors for this course (Past and Present)

Janet Cooper Alexander
Barbara Allen Babcock
William S. Koski
Ralph Richard Banks
Paul Brest
Diane T. Chin
G. Marcus Cole
Richard Craswell
George Fisher
Richard Thompson Ford
Lawrence M. Friedman
Ronald J. Gilson
Paul Goldstein
William B. Gould IV
Henry T. Greely
Thomas C. Grey
Joseph A. Grundfest
Daniel E. Ho
Thomas C. Heller
Deborah R. Hensler
Mark G. Kelman
Michael Klausner
Joshua Cohen
Deborah L. Rhode
Alan O. Sykes
Barton H. "Buzz" Thompson, Jr.
Michael S. Wald
Robert Weisberg
Lawrence C. Marshall
John Henry Merryman
Mariano-Florentino Cuéllar
Ticien Sassoubre
Randee Fenner
Lisa M. Pearson
Joseph Bankman
Michele Landis Dauber
Jenny S. Martinez
Allen S. Weiner
Jennifer Granick
Michael Wara
Janet Martinez
Mark A. Lemley
Erik G. Jensen
Katherine Wright
Jay A. Mitchell
Alison D. Morantz
Jane S. Schacter
Jayashri Srikantiah
Larry Kramer
Norman W. Spaulding
Amalia D. Kessler
David W. Mills
Jeffrey L. Fisher
Joan Petersilia
F. Daniel Siciliano
Paul Lomio
Jeff Strnad
Michael W. McConnell
Nora Freeman Engstrom
Siegfried Fina
Frank Wolak
James L. Cavallaro
Barbara H. Fried
David Freeman Engstrom
Michael Romano
John J. Donohue III
Roland Vogl
George Triantis
Lucas Guttentag
Dan Reicher
John Rodkin
Mei Gechlik
Robert M. Daines
A. Mitchell Polinsky
Robert L. Rabin
Lynne Anderson
Robert W. Gordon
Deborah A. Sivas
Bernadette Meyler
Daniel P. Kessler
Nathaniel Persily
Michelle Wilde Anderson
Barbara van Schewick
David Alan Sklansky
David M. Studdert