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Environmental Law and Policy Colloquium

The Environmental Law & Policy Colloquium offers LLM students the opportunity to discuss cutting-edge legal topics related to, among others, the environment, natural resources management, or energy policy. The colloquium meets in all three quarters. During the autumn quarter, students will engage in group policy discussions. During the winter quarter, a leading expert in the field - a faculty member, a lawyer, a public official, a member of an advocacy groups, or an entrepreneur - will present his or her research, a paper, or his or her experiences to the class on a specific topic. Following these presentations, all students will participate with the lecturer in a class discussion based on assigned readings, the presentation, and students' own experience in the area. During the spring quarter, the students will present their research papers focused on the solution of an environmental or energy issue. Attendance and active participation are important to the success of the seminar and an important factor in the overall grade. Students are expected to have carefully read and reviewed assigned materials in advance of each session. During the first quarter, students will work in teams and will have to submit memos in preparation for the policy discussion. During the second quarter, students will individually write weekly commentary papers to be submitted before the lecture evaluating, critiquing, and/or discussing key issues from the assigned reading(s). In the third quarter, students are expected to present their papers and comment on the other students' research. Elements used in grading: Class Participation, Attendance, Written Assignments, Final Paper. This course is required for and limited to students in the Environmental Law & Policy LL.M. Program.

2015-2016 Autumn
09/21/2015 - 11/20/2015 Mon 11:10 AM - 1:10 PM
Instructors: Vanessa Casado-Perez
2015-2016 Winter
01/04/2016 - 03/07/2016 Mon 2 PM - 4:00 PM
Instructors: Vanessa Casado-Perez
2015-2016 Spring
03/28/2016 - 05/27/2016
Instructors: Vanessa Casado-Perez

Instructors for this course (Past and Present)

Vanessa Casado-Perez