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2014 - 2015 Autumn Exam Schedule

Search by Course Title or Number
Course Title Number Instructors Exam Time and Room Exam Category Exam Type
Administrative Law 238-1 Michael Asimow
Banking Law 378-1 G. Marcus Cole
Bankruptcy 240-1 George Triantis
Civil Procedure I 201-1 David Freeman Engstrom
Civil Procedure I 201-2 Amalia D. Kessler
Civil Procedure I 201-3 Shirin Sinnar
Civil Procedure I 201-4 Norman W. Spaulding
Constitutional Law: The Fourteenth Amendment 255-1 Deborah L. Rhode
Contracts 205-1 G. Marcus Cole
Contracts 205-2 Ariela Gross
Contracts 205-3 Alison D. Morantz
Contracts 205-4 Tess Wilkinson-Ryan
Corporate Finance I 262-1 Jeremy Bulow
Corporations 242-1 Michael Klausner
Criminal Law 207-1 Lawrence C. Marshall
Criminal Law 207-2 David W. Mills
Criminal Law 207-3 David Alan Sklansky
Criminal Law 207-4 Robert Weisberg
Criminal Procedure: Investigation 312-1 Robert Weisberg
Current Issues in Corporate Governance 754-1 Mariana Pargendler
Economic Analysis of Law 528-1 A. Mitchell Polinsky
Federal Courts 283-1 Janet Cooper Alexander
Guns, Drugs, Prisons, and Other Empirical Debates in Law and Policy 740-1 John J. Donohue III
Health Law: The FDA 458-1
Intellectual Property: Copyright 324-1 Paul Goldstein
Intellectual Property: Patents 326-1 Mark A. Lemley
International Commercial Arbitration 554-1 Steven L. Smith
International Deals: The Economic Structure of Business Transactions 739-1 Robert M. Daines
International Human Rights 330-1
International Trade and Development in the Global Economy 763-1 Chantal Thomas
Introduction to American Law 709-1 Binyamin Blum
Legal Ethics 335-1 Norman W. Spaulding
Natural Resources Law and Policy 281-1 Barton H. "Buzz" Thompson, Jr.
SPILS Law and Society Seminar 701-1
Taxation I 355-1 Michael Asimow
Torts 223-1 Nora Freeman Engstrom
Torts 223-2 Robert L. Rabin
Torts 223-3 Alan O. Sykes