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2014 - 2015 Winter Exam Schedule

Search by Course Title or Number
Course Title Number Instructors Exam Time Exam Room Exam Category Exam Type
Arbitration in America 699-1
Communications Law: Internet and Telephony 481-1 Barbara van Schewick
Comparative Law 311-1 Amalia D. Kessler
Comparative Venture Capital - China 736-1 G. Marcus Cole
Constitutional Law 203-1 M. Elizabeth Magill Thursday, March 19 Scheduled
Constitutional Law 203-2 Bernadette Meyler Thursday, March 19 Scheduled
Constitutional Law 203-3 Nathaniel Persily Thursday, March 19 Scheduled
Constitutional Law: Speech and Religion 612-1 Michael W. McConnell
Corporate Acquisitions 353-1 Ronald J. Gilson
Corporations 242-1 Ryan Bubb
Deals in Latin America 755-1 Mariana Pargendler
Energy Law 455-1 Michael Wara
European Legal History 441-1 Amalia D. Kessler
Evidence 290-1 George Fisher
Evidence 290-2 David Alan Sklansky
Federal Courts 283-1 Norman W. Spaulding
Going Global: Advising Clients in a Global Economy 766-1
Health Law: Finance and Insurance 348-1
History of American Law 318-1 Lawrence M. Friedman
Human Trafficking: Historical, Legal, and Medical Perspectives 675-1
Immigration Law and the Constitutional Rights of Non-Citizens 565-1 Cecillia Wang
International Justice 786-1 Beth Van Schaack
Introduction to Financial Institutions 758-1 Robert C. Pozen
Introduction to Law and Economics 741-1 A. Mitchell Polinsky
Law, Slavery and Race 747-1 Ariela Gross
Modern American Legal Thought 500-1 Barbara H. Fried
Partnership Tax 377-1 Steven R. Franklin
Property 217-1 Michelle Wilde Anderson Monday, March 16 Scheduled
Property 217-2 Mark G. Kelman Monday, March 16 Scheduled
Property 217-3 Barton H. "Buzz" Thompson, Jr. Monday, March 16 Scheduled
Protection of Personality 373-1 Robert L. Rabin
Quantitative Methods: Finance 467-1 F. Daniel Siciliano
Regulation of the Political Process 577-1
Regulatory Economics 220-1 Frank Wolak
Securities Regulation: Raising Capital in U.S. Markets, from Start-up through IPO and Beyond 591-1 Joseph A. Grundfest
Venture Capital I 465-1