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International Human Rights

This course examines the law of international human rights, analyzing various categories of rights, from civil and political human rights, to social and economic human rights, to group and collective rights. It studies the structure and processes of international and regional courts that adjudicate human rights claims and international treaty bodies that report on State human rights action. It explores debates about the normative justifications for human rights, and whether and how these debates impact upon the application and enforcement of human rights. Special Instructions: Students have the option to write a long research paper in lieu of the final exam with consent of instructor. After the term begins, students accepted into the course can transfer from section (01) into section (02), which meets the R requirement, with consent of the instructor. Elements used in grading: Class participation; exam or final long research paper.

2014-2015 Autumn
09/22/2014 - 11/21/2014 Tue ,Thu 11:10 AM - 12:40 PM at Law271
Notes: One-Day Take-Home Exam.
09/22/2014 - 11/21/2014 Tue ,Thu 11:10 AM - 12:40 PM
Notes: Research Requirement for Law Degree.

Instructors for this course (Past and Present)

Jenny S. Martinez
Helen Stacy
Beth Van Schaack