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Law and Race

This seminar explores the intersection of race with legal institutions in both historical and contemporary contexts. Given that the seminar is designed to culminate in a scholarly paper, much of the reading will consist of canonical law review articles and other forms of legal scholarship. Although students are welcome to address a wide range of paper topics, the assigned readings will include: racial profiling, racial tokenism, and critical race theory (and its discontents). Students will be evaluated upon class participation and a substantial written paper.nnStudents in the seminar will write a substantial research paper of either 18 pages to receive 2 units of credit or 26 pages to receive 3 credits.nnElements used in grading: Class participation and research paper.

2013-2014 Winter
01/06/2014 - 03/10/2014 Mon 4:15 PM - 6:15 PM at Law 230
Instructors: Justin Driver
Notes: Law Lottery. Research Requirement for Law Degree.

Instructors for this course

Justin Driver