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Law, Economics and Politics of International Trade

Not Offered this year 2015-2016
Last offered in 2010-2011

(Same as ECON 164 and POLISCI 216). This course, taught by an economist, a lawyer, and a political scientist, examines selected aspects of the WTO system from a legal and social scientific perspective. The goal is to integrate a careful examination of topical legal issues with theoretical and empirical research in economics and political science to develop both positive and normative themes regarding the WTO as an international institution. Possible topics include the dispute resolution system, the choice between multilateral and regional or bilateral trade agreements, the role of developing countries in the WTO, and the relationship between WTO law, domestic regulation and national sovereignty. The course is open to law students, public policy students, advanced undergraduates, and others with an interest in the subject matter. Undergraduate microeconomics (Stanford Econ 51 or equivalent) is strongly recommended as a prerequisite.