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Local Government Law

This course will examine the source, scope and limits of local government power. It will consider the relationship of local governments to state and federal government and of the relationship of local governments to the individuals and communities within and around them. Specific themes will include the potential of local governments to be responsive democratic communities, the potential of local governments to become isolated or exclusive enclaves, and the effect of local governments on the metropolitan political economy. Using the casebook Local Government Law by Frug, Ford and Barron, the course will examine state and federal doctrine that affects local government, political/ social theory and urban planning/ development literature.nOpen to first-year Law School students with prior instructor approval.nSpecial Instructions: Students may write papers in lieu of the final exam. Upon instructor consent, students interested in writing should enroll in Law 427-0-02. Students who do not receive a spot in section 02 may enroll in section 01.nElements used in grading: Exam or paper and class participation

Instructors for this course (Past and Present)

Richard Thompson Ford
Lynne Anderson
Michelle Wilde Anderson