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The Future of Finance

This interdisciplinary course will survey the world of finance and global markets as we emerge from the financial crisis, including up-to-the minute events. We will discuss the sweeping change underway at the policy level by financial firms, regulators and legislators around the world as well as new firms and business models emerging as a result. Guest lecturers will share their perspectives on lessons learned from the crisis as well as share their predictions for the future of finance, including where the greatest opportunities exist for students entering the world of finance today. The course also will review, in a non-technical way, derivatives, financial engineering and quantitative techniques that are a core part of the global capital markets. The subject matter, by necessity, is multi-disciplinary and the course is particularly suited to those students having an interest in finance-based careers, entering legal, regulatory or public policy positions related to finance or studying the evolution of modern financial markets. Elements used in grading: Class Participation, Attendance, Final Paper. Consent Application: To apply for this course, students must complete and e-mail the Consent Application Form available on the SLS Registrar's Office website (see Registration and Selection of Classes for Stanford Law Students) to the instructors. See Consent Application Form for submission deadline. (Cross-listed as ECON152/252, PUBLPOL364, STATS238.)

Instructors for this course (Past and Present)