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Left Sidebar

Note: Every organization has an Overview page listed first. The Upcoming Events and Past Events sections are automatically created from any events that are created and related to your organization on the SLS site. If you need help creating events, view our Add an Event tutorial. 

Left Navigation Screenshot

You can request additional webpages for your organization (child pages) that will appear on the left sidebar:

Child Pages

To add a new page to the left navigation email with your specifc request. Only the Web Team can create new pages on the SLS site.

Once we create a new page for you, you'll be able to edit pages on the left navigation just like you edit the overview page. This page will be unpublished when we first create it. While unpublished, only the Content Manager can see the page and make edits. Once you add all the content, email the Web Team and we will publish the page which will allow anyone to see it.