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Main Content

The main content of your page is the body of the page (shown below). This section can include text, images, videos, links, and more.

Overview Screenshot

Before editing the overview page you'll need to first login to your dashboard and open your page for editing. If you need help with this step, visit our How to Login or How to Edit tutorials. 

You'll notice an Editing Palette that you can use to better customize your conent. 

Editing Palette

On this Palette you can:

Copy and Paste Text 

You can copy and paste text from word, webpages, or other devices. If you try to copy and paste directly into the body you will also add the formatting from wherever the text came from. Use the tools below to copy and paste in SLS style:

Copy and Paste Text Screenshot

Copy the text from whatever source you're using, click one of the two icons (either will work), paste the text, then click okay. 

Bold or italicize text

Bold and Italic Screenshot

Highlight the text you want to change then click on either the Bold or Italic button on the top editing panel.

Align text  (left, right or center):

Align Screenshot

Highlight the Text you want to align then click on the type of alignment you want to use.

Created bulleted or numbered lists

List Screenshot

Highlight the text you want to create a list for then click the type (bulleted or numbered) from the editing palette. To add another item to the list just press Enter.

Indent text

Indenting Screenshot

You can indent text by highlightign the text then clicking on the right button selected above. You can return text to normal by highlighting it and clicking on the left button.

Link text (for this step visit our Link Tutorial)

Link Screenshot

Editing images (visit our Advanced Image Tutorial)

Advanced Images Screenshot

Add a horizontal line 

Horizontal Line Screenshot

You can add a horizontal line before or after text by just pressing the horizontal line button. 

Add a Special Symbol:

Symbol Screenshot

Click the Symbol Button then select your symbol.