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Right Sidebar

The right sidebar, shown below, is the right-hand side of any SLS page. This sidebar can include documents, links, contact information, and more. Unlike the left sidebar, the Content Manager can add content to the right sidebar whenever you like.

Right Navigation Screenshot

  1. Login to your dashboard and open your page for editing. If you need help with this step, visit the How to Login or How to Edit tutorials. 
  2. In the Contact Information tab, enter in contact information for your organizaiton. This information will appear in the right sidebar.

    Contact Information Screenshot
  3. Click the Right Sidebar tab. In the Related Links section you can add any other webpages that are related to your organization. For the title, type the text that you want to appear on the page. In the URL section type (or copy and paste) the webpage's URL.

    Right Sidebar Screenshot

    If you want to add multiple related links click the Add Another Item button.  
  4. In the Related Organizations section start typing the name of any organization related to your student organization. When a suggestion appears under where you're typing, select the correct one.

    Related Organizations Screenshot
  5. Click the Save button.