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The Ninth Circuit at SLS


February 15, 2007 9:30am - 12:00pm


A panel of the Ninth Circuit will be holding an actual court session at Stanford Law School. Professor Sullivan is arguing the final case and there will be a live video feed to another classroom if the Moot Court room is filled to capacity.

Summary of the cases:

  1. Pham v. Gonzales: Asylum case involving a Vietnamese woman who is a member in one or more of three disfavored social groups--former prostitutes, expatriot deportees, and close relatives of Officers in the pre-1975 South Vietnamese Army who had been interned in re-education camps.
  2. Judge v. Adams: Habeas corpus petition dismissed as untimely filed; defendant seeks equitable tolling of the statute of limitations based on his attorney's intentional disregard of the statute.
  3. Galbraith v. Carey: Defendant, a 15-yr.-old convicted of murder, appeals from denial of his petition for habeas corpus, which petition was based on (1) admission in evidence of statements elicited from him while he was suffering from a gunshot wound; and (2) ineffective assistance of counsel.
  4. Good News Employee v. Hicks: Oakland employee, whose poster calling on coworkers to "preserve integrity in the workplace" by showing respect for the "natural family," "marriage," and "family values" was removed for violating the City's antidiscrimination policy, appeals dismissal of her suit for violation of her First Amendment free speech and free exercise rights.
  5. Sanders v. Lockyer: Appeal from dismissal on state immunity grounds of a class action by tobacco consumers against cigarette manufacturers for anticompetitive conduct in restraint of trade pursuant to the Master Settlement Agreement with the State of California.