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CLB Speaker Series: Michelle Mello


October 12, 2007 2:00pm - 3:00pm


The medical liability system is satisfactory to almost no one, yet efforts to reform the system have consistently focused on incremental changes that have little evidence to commend them and that do not address the core problems with the system. Proposals for more comprehensive reform historically have foundered in the face of challenges from special interest groups. This session will discuss an effort to develop and market a policy proposal, called "health courts," which calls for compensation of medical injury claims through an administrative process. Harvard faculty have partnered with a nonprofit legal reform organization to conduct research that anticipates and responds to possible objections to the proposal and build political consensus to support small-scale policy experiments with health courts. Three years into this effort, a number of interesting lessons have been learned about the appetite of key decision makers for far-reaching reforms and evidence-based policymaking.