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Technology in Wartime Conference: Annalee Newitz


January 26, 2008


How does war change the way we use everyday technologies? The cute little robots who sweep your floor can be repurposed as mine sweepers (or mines themselves). We'll look at how wartime transforms tech research, resulting in devices like weaponized cell phones and hidden communications networks for human rights workers.

Annalee Newitz is a writer who covers the collisions between technology and media, culture and science. She is a contributing writer at Wired, editor of indie magazine, Other, and writes the nationally-syndicated column Techsploitation. You can also find her writing in Popular Science, New Scientist, and The Believer. She is the author of Pretend We're Dead, a political analysis of monster movies, and co-editor of She's Such a Geek, a collection of essays about female nerds. A former policy analyst at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, she is currently President of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility.