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Stanford Law Society of San Francisco and World Affairs Council of Northern California


May 20, 2008 6:00pm - 10:00pm



How has counterterrorist law in both the United Kingdom and the United States impacted the balance of power between the branches of government? In the aftermath of a terrorist attack political stakes are high; legislators fear being seen as lenient or indifferent and there is a heightened potential to grant the executive broader authorities without thorough debate. The judiciary's role, too, is restricted. To shed light on the impact of combating terrorism in liberal, democratic states, Laura Donohue, author of The Cost of Counterterrorism – Power, Politics, and Liberty, joins the Council to discuss the cost of counterterrorist law in Britain and U.S., arguing that the damage caused is significantly greater than first appears

Discussion and Book Signing with Laura Donohue, author of The Cost of Counterterrorism