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Enid A Camps, Deputy Attorney General, CA - DNA Data Banks in CA


February 10, 2009 12:45pm - 2:00pm


Enid A Camps, a Deputy Attorney General for the State of CA is the assigned legal advisor to the California Department of Justice DNA Laboratory. She primarily handles DNA cases at the appellate level. Her cases have helped define the development of law on DNA admissibility in our State. On behalf of the AG's office, she drafted, in conjunction with the State's DOJ DNA Lab, the "DNA and Forensic Identification Data Base and Data Bank Act of 1998," a comprehensive chapter of laws defining and governing the operation of California's DNA Data Bank program. Ms. Camps will describe her experiences with a People v. Robinson, a case currently before the California Supreme Court, focusing on John Doe DNA warrants and appropriate remedies for unlawful collection of DNA evidence.