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The Challenges of Mass Incarceration in America


September 17, 2009 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Room Offsite

    Sponsored by the Stanford Criminal Justice Center and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

    6:00 p.m. Program
    Reception to Follow

    Larry Kramer, Richard E. Lang Professor of Law and Dean, Stanford Law School

    • Bruce Western, Professor of Sociology, Harvard University
    • Nicola Lacey, Professor of Criminal Law and Legal Theory, London School of Economics
    • Glenn Loury, Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences; Professor of Economics, Brown University
    • Joan Petersilia, Professor of Law, Stanford Law School
    • Robert Weisberg, Edwin E. Huddleson, Jr. Professor of Law, Stanford Law School

    The rate of imprisonment in the United Statesis now four times its historic average and seven times higher than in Western Europe. Even more striking than the overall level of incarceration is the concentrated force of the penal system on the most disadvantaged segments of the population. This extraordinary pattern of penal confinement has been called "mass incarceration," a rate of incarceration so high that it affects not only the individual offender, but also whole social groups. The American Academy's project on The Challenges of Mass Incarceration in America is examining the scope of the problem, its political and economic significance, and its social impact, weighing the concerns about crime control, rehabilitation, and more fundamental issues of social justice. This meeting will include brief presentations by members of the project task force and the opportunity for discussion with the audience.

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    This is an open event.

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