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CLB Journal Club with Jennifer Halbeib, SLS '12


February 14, 2011 12:45pm - 1:45pm

Room 271
Journal Clubs are opportunities for informal discussion, in which students and faculty explore a topic of interest in law and the biosciences. This week, Jennifer Halbeib (SLS 2012) will facilitate discussion.

"Haskell v. Brown: The Legal Challenge to Mandated DNA Collection from Arrestees"

Under Proposition 69, California began collecting DNA in 2009 from every individual arrested for a felony. The ACLU challenged the law, arguing that warrantless collection of DNA from arrestees violates their Fourth Amendment rights. Can California require DNA samples from arrestees, presumed innocent and having a greater privacy interest than convicted felons, and if it can, will doing so help the states catch and convict more violent offenders?

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