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The Criminal Justice Center, Criminal Law Society and StanfordACS present: "Why There is No Love Lost Between Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys, and What to Do About It"


February 14, 2011 12:45pm - 2:00pm

Room 185
Mr. Ferreira will discuss the culture of distrust between prosecutors and defense attorneys -- from O.J. Simpson to wrongful convictions to Three Strikes cases. Mr. Ferreira is a career prosecutor who has worked on some of the most important and notorious prosecutions in Los Angeles. He is also in charge of the office's post-conviction Three Strikes effort, and has stipulated to the release of a dozen inmates sentenced to life under the Three Strikes law for minor crimes. Why is he willing to work with defense lawyers in some cases (for instance, with the Stanford Three Strikes Project) and wary of defense attorneys in other cases? Mr. Ferreira will propose ways to bridge the cultural divide between traditional opponents and suggest legislative reforms to make a safer and fairer criminal justice system.