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Fiduciary College 2011


March 24, 2011 - March 25, 2011

Room 190
“The Future of Retirement”

Registration and information about the conference can be found at

About the conference:Fiduciary College provides specialized training for experienced fiduciaries. Targeted to fund trustees and key staff, our program provides important insights pertaining to challenges fiduciaries can expect to face and strategies to fulfill their duties to beneficiaries.

At Fiduciary College, you will learn best practices for discharging your responsibilities prudently and effectively under the guidance of experts from academia, government, and seasoned practitioners from the institutional investor community.


• Plan design; retirement age, replacement ratio, phased retirement, defined benefit/defined contribution/hybrid plans

• Roles and responsibilities of key players (employees, employers/plan sponsors, retirement sponsors) and fiduciary ramifications of plan design investment strategy and funding

• Investment strategy, what is a reasonable long-term (30 year) investment assumption?

• Fiduciary/legal concerns, lessons learned from recent scandals dealing with perceived abuses such as spiking

About the speakers: The keynote address will be presented by by noted futurist Paul Saffo, Consulting Associate Professor at Stanford’s School of Engineering and Managing Director, Foresight, Discern Analytics

Other include:

• Joseph A. Dear, CIO of CalPERS
• Jack Ehnes, CEO of CalSTRS
• Anne Sheehan, Director of Corporate Governance of CalSTRS
• Gregory Smith, COO and GC Colorado Public Employees’ Retirement Association
• Prof. Joseph Grundfest, Stanford Law School