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The Right to Democracy in the Context of the Arab Spring


January 27, 2012

Room 190
This symposium is an important forum for the legal community to gather and exchange ideas on a very relevant topic in today’s world. There is currently debate in the legal community over whether or not a right to democracy actually exists, and if it does, in what form and how expansive is it? The symposium strives to provide meaningful coverage on this issue in light of the current events in the Middle East and North Africa, which will have a profound impact on global politics and the legal aspect of these changes could have an equally strong impact on international law and human rights. In addition to hosting a symposium on the right to democracy, SJIL will publish a symposium issue in the summer of 2012, which will address the right to democracy and issues in the Middle East and North Africa from a variety of different perspectives. The symposium will be held in room 180 of the law school.

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