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Imagining Israel-Palestine Peace: Why International Law Matters


February 6, 2012 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Room 290
Since 1991, countless summits have been held and proclamations issued declaring a commitment to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These efforts have all failed and the situation on the ground, from increasing violence to the rapid expansion of the occupation infrastructure, has only worsened. Why? Can an increased emphasis on international law as the basis for negotiation save the crumbling 'Peace Process'? What's next for Israel, Palestine, and the Middle East? Richard Falk, the former Albert G. Milbank Emeritus Professor of International Law and Practice at Princeton University, has served since 2008 as the United Nations Special Rapporteur for "the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories since 1967." He has authored over twenty books on international law and politics, focusing on core issues at the intersection of law, human rights, and war, was a member of the Independent International Commission on Kosovo (1999-2001), and is currently a Visiting Distinguished Professor at the University of California at Santa Barbara. The talk is co-sponsored by Students for Palestinian Equal Rights, Stanford International Human Rights & Conflict Resolution Clinic, the Advanced Degree Students Association, & the Stanford Association for Law in the Middle East