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San Francisco: Stanford Challenge Thank You Tour


March 22, 2012 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Room Offsite

Thank You Tour

Raise a glass as Stanford Law School celebrates the successful completion of The Stanford Challenge with events throughout the country to thank our generous alumni and friends.

Stanford Law School thanks the members of the SLS Campaign Steering Committee, whose tireless efforts made this historic campaign possible.

William Baer, JD ’75
James Crown, JD ’80
Thomas DeFilipps, BS/BA ’78, JD ’81
Louis Eatman, JD/MBA ’73
Louis Friedman, BA ’83, JD ’86
James Gaither, JD ’64
Michelle Galloway, BA ’87, JD ’89
Gail Block Harris, BA ’74, JD ’77
Michael Jacobson, JD ’80
G. Bradford Jones, JD/MBA ’81
Michael Kahn, MA ’73, JD ’73
Charles Koob, JD ’69
James Koshland, JD ’78
Louis Lupin, JD ’85
Michael Miller, JD ’75
Stephen Neal, JD ’73
William Neukom, LLB ’67
Barry Newman, MBA ’82, JD ’83
Carl Ruggiero, JD ’82
Thomas Russo, JD ’83, MBA ’84
Peter Staple, MA ’74, JD ’81
Laurence Stein, JD ’85
Michael Steinberg, JD ’86
Douglas Tanner, BA ’74, JD/MBA ’78
Vaughn Williams, JD ’69