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Singapore: Reception & Talk with Paul Brest


August 16, 2012 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Room Offsite

Can Behavioural Economics Improve Charity, Reduce Poverty, and Save the Planet?
with Paul Brest, Professor of Law, Emeritus and Former Dean

You are invited to attend this inaugural Stanford Law School Singapore Law Chapter event.

Behavioural economics draws on insights from social psychology, judgment and decision making, incentives, and markets to understand and improve citizen’s and consumers’ decisions in areas from personal savings to conservation. The talk will review key premises of this work and describe some promising applications to better people’s lives and advance society.

Initially a leading scholar and teacher of constitutional law and co-author of the casebook Processes of Constitutional Decisionmaking, Paul Brest, Professor of Law, Emeritus and Former Dean, now focuses on judgment and decision making and philanthropy. He is the co-author of Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Professional Judgment (2010) and Money Well Spent: A Strategic Guide to Smart Philanthropy (2008).

Professor Brest joined the Stanford Law School faculty in 1969 and served as dean from 1987 to 1999 before becoming president of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in 2000. He returned to the Law School in 2012, where, as an emeritus professor recalled to active duty, he is teaching a course on Judgment and Decisionmaking in the Law School and graduate Program in Public Policy, teaching courses on Impact Investing and Managing to Outcomes in the Graduate School of Business, and collaborating with Professor Deborah Hensler in designing a law and public policy laboratory at the Law School.

This event is being graciously hosted by Willow and Jeremy Brest, JD/MBA '95. Kindly RSVP by Friday, August 10.