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Alex Shepard '99 re Summer Internships at DOJ Antitrust in SF


November 13, 2012 3:35pm - 4:00pm

Room 271


The Antitrust Division promotes and protects the free market system by enforcing the federal antitrust laws. Our office enforces both criminal and civil antitrust laws. On the criminal side, we prosecute price-fixing, market allocation, and bid-rigging cases under the Sherman Antitrust Act. These cases often involve the investigation of international conspiracies. For example, we recently investigated antitrust violations in the liquid crystal display market. Seven companies pleaded guilty and agreed to pay a total of over $890 million in criminal fines, and two corporations were convicted at trial and fined $500 million. On the civil side, we assess the economic impact of proposed mergers and challenge anticompetitive mergers under Section 7 of the Clayton Act. These mergers often involve high-technology markets.

Job Description:
Summer interns may have the opportunity to work on both civil and criminal cases. The work primarily consists of legal research. Although interns will have a variety of assignments on different cases, we try to assign them to a prosecution team for the duration of their stay. Interns may participate in team meetings, interviews, and court hearings.

The most competitive applicants will have a background in economics, antitrust, or white collar criminal law, as well as strong interest in public service. Students entering their second or third year may apply. Applicants must be available to work full time in our office, which is located in the Civic Center and easily accessible by public transportation. Interns are not paid. Prospective interns must pass a DOJ background check, including a drug test. Please see for additional information.

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