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Rational Approaches to Renewable Energy


January 22, 2013 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Room Offsite

Steyer-Taylor Center Scholar-in-Residence Jeff Ball speaks at the World Affairs Council.

Renewable energy is becoming big business and that business is now in crisis. From Silicon Valley to Washington and Berlin to Beijing, many investors in solar, wind and other clean-energy technologies are losing money. Yesterday’s green euphoria is giving way to a realization of the challenges of scaling up fossil-fuel alternatives. But these growing pains aren’t a reason to abandon the renewable-energy push; they're a reason to get smarter about it.

Renewable-energy technologies are growing up and now, if they’re going to become a significant part of the global energy mix, the world’s approach to them will have to grow up too. Jeffrey Ball, a longtime energy reporter and environment editor at The Wall Street Journal and now a scholar-in-residence at Stanford University, will discuss the scramble for a more economically efficient way to expand renewables.