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Design Patents Conference Academic Day


April 6, 2013 9:00am - 5:45pm

Room Offsite

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The conference is co-sponsored by the Stanford Program in Law, Science, & Technology, Samsung Electronics, Nike, and Google. 

Stanford Law School will host a major conference on design patents April 5-6, 2013. Long neglected in practice and academic scholarship,design patents have exploded in importance as a result both of recent changes in the law and high-profile cases like Apple v. Samsung.  Drawing on the experience of lawyers, in-house counsel and academics, our conference will explore both practical and policy ramifications of these developments.  Along with the public conference on April 5, we will host a one-day academic symposium with papers on design patents from the leading scholars in the world on these issues.

To more information about the Design Patent in the Modern World Conference on Friday, April 5th, click here

Agenda: Design Patent Conference Academic Day

Paper: Sarah Burstein, Oklahoma, “In Defense of Design Patents”
Commentator: Paul Goldstein, Stanford

Paper: Mark McKenna, Notre Dame & Kathy Strandburg, “Progress and Competition in Design”
Commentator: Peter Menell, Berkeley

Paper: Michael Risch, Villanova, “The Law and Economics of Design Patent Protection for Graphical User Interfaces”
Commentator: Mark Lemley, Stanford

Paper: Jason Du Mont, Max Planck & Mark Janis, Indiana, “Virtual Designs”
Commentator: David Abrams, Penn

Paper: Andrew Torrance, Kansas, “(R)evolution in Design Patent Subject Matter: The Shifting Meaning of ‘Article of Manufacture’”
Commentator: Sarah Wasserman Rajec, Stanford

Paper: Laura Heymann, William & Mary, “The Doctrine of Election”
Commentator: Graeme Dinwoodie, Oxford

Paper:  Peter Lee, Davis, “The Law of Look and Feel”
Commentator: Tim Greene, Stanford 

Paper: Gerard Magliocca, Indiana & Deven Desai, Thomas Jefferson, “3D Printing”
Commentator: Ryan Vacca, Akron

Paper: Dennis Crouch, Missouri, “Developing a Taxonomy for Overlapping Rights”
Commentator: Andrew Gilden, Stanford

Paper: Mark Lemley, Stanford, “A Rational System of Design Patent Damages”
Commentator: Colleen Chien, Santa Clara